Synthesis and Characterization of Pyrazine-2-Carbohydrazide Derivatives as Antimicrobial Agents

    Published on:
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2009; 1(2):165-169
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry | doi:10.4103/0975-1483.55750

    Miniyar PB, Makhija SJ1

    Department of Pharm. Chem, Sinhgad Institute of Pharmacy, Narhe, Pune-411 041,

    1Department of Biochemistry, S. B. College of Science, Aurangabad-431 001, India.


    A series of pyrazine-2-carbohydrazide derivatives has been synthesized and assessed for their in vitro antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative strains of bacteria. In the present study, pyrazinamide was hydrolyzed and esteriÞ ed to obtain ethyl-pyrazinoate and was reacted with hydrazine hydrate to yield the pyrazinoic acid hydrazide. This pyrazinoic acid hydrazide was then condensed with various substituted aromatic aldehydes to obtain different derivatives of pyrazine-2-carbohydrazide. The newly synthesized compounds were characterized by IR, 1HNMR and MS spectral data. The antimicrobial activity of the synthesized compounds was found to be potent against the selected strains of Gram-positive bacteria as compared with Gram-negative bacteria.

    Key words: Antimicrobial, carbohydrazide, pyrazine.